Wednesday, March 11, 2020

buy custom The Impact of Technology essay

buy custom The Impact of Technology essay Technology has taken a central place in the minds of many people living today. Its constant developmental increases in fields such as communications, industry, medicine and education have generated debate on its advantages and risks on a society that is largely technological. It is right for one to claim that technology is immensely benefiting humanity but it can also be claimed that there are many problems that are rising with each and every technological development. Why should we regulate or limit technology that society defines as dehumanizing? Using technology to defy us as humans is taking away the freedoms, curiosities, and intellect we posses. The best thing to be done here is for the people deeply engaged in this, to proceed with caution. As humans, we are queerly two sided creatures who are placed in a finite world of space, biological constrains and time, yet surpassing those limits with a freedom that gets its final limit in God who has made us. It is wrong for us to control nature and turn in the direction we deem good for this is just an essential human expression for being free. But we should never assume that freedom is the only truth about human nature and that a step made beyond limits of the past is worthy praise. Such a step might just be the one that we should not be taken, one that will perhaps destroy something as important to humanity the way freedom is. If man starts doing things that are specifically reserved for the gods, he definitely meets a worse outcome eventually. One might wonder if there is anything wrong with the ambition that drives an individual to reach an understanding of nature, including him. This will definitely look strange especially in beings full of curiosity. This is the greatest danger that species have, trying to pretend that they do not need to satisfy their curiosity. Birth breeding and death are the things that offend most the dignity of man, therefore trying to find ways to take control of them is the main initiative that man is taking. With the many technological advances, man is gaining more and more knowledge about the genetic factors that are associated with health, disease and many other aspects of life such as emotional states and intelligence. But questions as to whether this information will prove destructive or liberating to humans still remain (Meilaender, 1990). But before one worries about the future, we should first look at what is happening today. New advances are emerging in the ability to diagnose genetic disorders. They are being used in decisions such as abortion or implantation of embryos; this is not treatment but simply elimination of one suffering the disorder. Technologies such as the one for prenatal diagnosis have completely redefined the meaning of motherhood. It has made it difficult for mothers to commit themselves to the unborn if the diagnosis is not assured. It is making women to think of their children as products for whose quality they must take responsibility. The freedom they were seeking has essential become less. Our natural vitalities as persons are turning out to be destructive instead of creating human possibilities. The desire that humans have to transcend the uncertainties inborn in their finite conditions has not created freedoms but chains that bind them in ways that are powerful and disturbing. There were re ports of a health maintenance organization that was planning to carry out tests on cystic fibrosis. It had proposed to cover all cost, provided mothers accepted to have an abortion if there was a disease affliction on the fetus; it later backed down after being challenged. This was a temporary measure, what will happen in future if such an attempt comes up again. This is a ground for abortion that needs to be rejected, because it proposes an approach that encourages and expresses an attitude that does not oppose disease and disorder but the diseased and afflicted being. This conflicts itself, for disease curing needs openness to the dignity of the patient and also calls for concern for them. Buy custom The Impact of Technology essay

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